October 3, 2018 in Vienna

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The expert forum will be held by international experts from different European countries with long tradition in the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration bottom ashes (IBA). Besides the everywhere profitable metal recovery, the utilisation of the mineral residues as secondary raw material underlies contrary legal and political frameworks in the different countries.

The idea of the expert forum is to give interested persons the opportunity to get in touch with this issue in a proper way and in a group with a manageable size of persons. Therefore, a concerted programme with a central theme and with sufficient time for discussion and query is going to be composed.

Following five main sections will be pursued:

1. General Introduction

2. Dry Treatment

- Dry, Wet and Combined Removal from the Furnace Chamber
- Treatment Technology and Results from the New ZAV Recycling AG Plant (Hinwil, Switzerland)

3. Semi-Dry Treatment Trains

- Semi-Dry Treatment of Aged, Wet Removed IBA from Waste Incineration
- Results of a New Metal Sorting Plant

4. Wet Treatment Trains

- Wet Treatment of Aged, Wet Removed IBA from Waste Incineration
- Direct Wet Treatment of Fresh, Wet Removed IBA from Waste Incineration

5. Utilisation of the Mineral Residues – Prospects and Limitations


Accompanying book

Hardcover: about 250 pages